The main goal of this project is to create an app for learning sign language (particularly dactil alphabet) in a game form. This work can as well be considered as just an application of the algorithm of static gestures recognition.

There are lots of other uses of this algorithm. For example, in magic games the player can be given the opportunity to cast a spell as a sequential combination of different gestures (as in my favourite game Magica), or perform various operations on the object using just gestures and without any need to open a context menu.

The app currently supports two languages (American and Russian) and one experimental mode with various assumed gestures such as: Like, Dislike, Lizard etc. While in a SandBox mode user can as well add his own gesture.

Also available on Github pages

The source code and the installation instruction can be found in official repository

Also available as a single library gesturio.js

Dear C# developers, this library needs your help to be rewritten on C# =)

Some information about the recognition method.

In conclusion it's worth mentioning that precision of gesture recognition depends on the quality of gesture capture done by LeapMotion controller. The current level of quality of gesture capture is enough for successful recognition of the majority of gestures. But there are some gestures that are difficult to recognition (distinguish the gesture meaning "S" from the gesture "A" or the gesture "V" from "K", "M", "N").

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Tags3djam, Leap Motion
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsLeap Motion

Install instructions

Extract containing files to your localhost folder.

For run full development environment see official repository.




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Opening the index.html from the git zip produces a "The file or directory could not be found" error.


I uploaded new archive. Just try again

index.html file in the root of repository is just iframe to release folder for github pages

Release folder contain all builded files, and archive them. This archive also uploaded in adn playing in game page

There are two ways how you can run this app locally

  • First: just copy all files from release folder to you host folder
  • Secon: Run full developmen enviroment. I added some instruction in README file
Let me know if there are additional problems.

Looks good embedded in the page, that definitely makes it much easier to check out!